Legacy Project revives the protest song

All of the band's songs call for some form of social consciousness - lyrics about injustice, war, racism, and for a greener planet.

The band consists of American singer and songwriter George Kilby Jr. and the Danish roots-country band Fistful Of Dollars. Together, they carry on the musical legacy of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Bob Marley, and other great songwriters who inspired hope and social change.

The Legacy Project plays 100-year-old union songs, everlasting spirituals, protest and freedom songs from the 60s - and also newly written tracks by George Kilby Jr. and Fistful of Dollars. The songs are accompanied by tales of struggle and culture.

In addition to regular concerts, the band plays school concerts, which are as much teaching social science, history, and English as it is an actual concert.

The Legacy Project has played at various trade union events and at the May 1 concert in 'Fælledparken'.

George Kilby Jr. is originally from Alabama but today lives north of New York City near Woodstock and Beacon, where protest singer legend Pete Seeger lived. George Kilby Jr. is involved in the environmental organization "Clearwater Project" which was derived from Pete Seeger's battle to clean the Hudson River in New York State, and he has toured with Pete Seeger's grandson, Tao Rodriquez Seeger. In addition, George Kilby Jr. is known for his anti-racisim school project with blues-harp legend Phil Wiggins.

Danish Fistful Of Dollars has released four albums and has its own country club in Copenhagen called Little Village. They have backed a number of Danish soloists such as Ivan Pedersen, Tamra Rosanes (USA) and Bobo Moreno and they have played at most Danish festivals for folk, country and other non computerized music incl. 'T√łnder Festival'.